The Pixie Fund is a Veterinary Care Financial Assistance Program designed to assist pet owners pay their bills at the Monticello Veterinary Clinic for qualifying emergency care.

The Monticello Veterinary Clinic will host several fundraising events throughout the year. The money collected for the Pixie Fund is to be used to defer the cost of emergency care.

It is our belief that owning a pet is a major commitment and part of that is a financial commitment to the routine care of the pet. Food, shelter, and preventative care including vaccines, parasiticides, and elective surgery (spay/neuter) are an expected expense when a pet is acquired. The Pixie Fund is designed to assist in the unexpected costs associated with pets including, but not limited to accidents (motor vehicle accidents, broken bones), emergency surgery (foreign body, splenectomy, lacerations), hospitalization, toxicity, etc.


Owners may request financial assistance through the Pixie Fund Application. The application will be submitted to the Pixie Fund committee who will decide if the event qualifies and how much financial assistance will be given. Not every application will result in financial assistance and the full dollar amount requested is not guaranteed.


A very loyal client used to bring her dog Pixie (also known as Lulu) in for nail trims. At the end of each visit, she would slide a little extra money across the counter and say, “use that for the dogs.” She instructed us to use her extra money to help pay for pet care in the event the owner was unable to. This kind gesture led us to explore ways we could help as well, which led to the formation of the Pixie Fund.


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