Hello, my name is Kane

Update on September 17, 2020
Kane has improved so much in the last three months. He weighed 61 pounds this week. His liver enzymes have returned to normal and we are hopeful he can continue without liver supplements. After his last glucose curve he is now considered a controlled diabetic. We are so pleased with the progress he’s made. He is a loving dog ready for a loving home.

I’m a two year old neutered male mastiff mix. I came to the Monticello Veterinary Clinic for a routine castration surgery. I had an unforeseen complication from anesthesia; my stomach flipped and filled with gas (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or Bloat). The doctors performed emergency surgery and several hours of critical care until I finally started to recover. My bloated stomach put a lot of pressure on my internal organs and as a result my liver and pancreas began to fail. After a few months of supplements and a special diet my liver is recovering, however, my pancreas has not. I am now an insulin dependent diabetic, requiring injections every 12 hours. I currently weigh 54 pounds but should be closer to 80. I am looking for a human that has time, patience, and the financial ability to join me on my road to recovery.

I have some special requirements for my daily care:

  • My doctor would like me to eat a special diet of either Hills l/d (for my liver) or Hills w/d (for my diabetes). To gain weight I need to eat at least 3 cups of food for breakfast and dinner, which is no problem because I’m ALWAYS hungry.
  • I take a liver supplement called Denamarin every morning with (or even better yet, before) breakfast.
  • After I eat I need an insulin injection that is regulated by my doctors at the Monticello Veterinary Clinic.
  • My doctors want to keep a close eye on me so I have weekly appointments at the Monticello Vet Clinic.

I am a very loving dog that just wants to get back into a loving home. I have been good with children and other dogs, although I am high energy and think all food I can see or reach should be mine!

If you think we would be a good fit for each other please return the adoption application to Dr. Jayme Freye at the Monticello Veterinary Clinic email (montivets@gmail.com) or fax (319-465-3495).

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